Adventuring Goals

In a perfect world, I would be travelling as a full time career. There’s nothing I constantly crave more than a trip to somewhere new and exciting, with tons of new places to explore and discover. I have only so far been out of Canada a few times, even though I live right near the … More Adventuring Goals

Empowering Women

I’m also stubborn, a little bit crazy, impatient, demanding, ruthless and strong. Side notes aside, I absolutely love this image. Even though the source is unknown, I wish I could thank the creator for it! In response of recently being accepted to another secondary school I applied for, which is Brescia College at Western University, … More Empowering Women

Currently I’m… #2

It’s been a busy few weeks. I’ve received an acceptance letter from the University of Windsor for their business program at the Odette School of Business. I’m waiting for responses from the other universities though. I’d really love to go to Brescia at Western University. I’ve been filling out so many forms and things lately … More Currently I’m… #2

Weekend Adventures

So for Valentine’s Day this year, my boyfriend and I decided to spend the weekend in Windsor, Ontario and just do whatever we felt like. We started with booking the room at Ben’s on The night before we left, I received a gorgeous sterling silver claddagh ring with a turquoise heart in the middle … More Weekend Adventures