Why I Started Blogging

14327833686_6e5ee90628_kFirst things first, I’m making this blog to document the things that I want to celebrate. I have been bitten by some creative bug that has compelled me to start doing as many creative things as possible. Non-stop, something’s been telling me to make something. There’s this itching to create or make or draw or photograph or compile or listen or any number of things to save this bug from eating alive. Each day has been a different desire. Today, that thing is this blog.

I like self-expression. I’m creative and quirky and bubbly and sometimes not so much, but of all things, I am creative. Hopefully, with time, this blog will be one of my many outlets of self-expression and discovery. On this blog you might find:

  • drawings
  • doodles
  • thoughts
  • poems
  • letters
  • playlists
  • wishlists
  • recipes
  • photographs
  • opinions
  • inspiration
  • any anything else that pops into my silly little mind.

As for the title of this blog, Keep Celebrating is a name I brainstormed when thinking of blogging ideas. Along with being a creative outlet and place to share art, this blog is a personal reminder to me to be thankful of the things and people I have in my life. The name alone is inspiration to never forget how great is it to live this life. I want to remember how lucky I am to have the people I have and be the person I am.

I don’t really know for sure what’s in store, but whatever it is, I’m excited for it. I really truly look forward to documenting some exciting things in my life that start occurring. Some of it’s going to be personal, some of it’s going to exist just for you. Thanks for your support and love in advance, I can’t wait!


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