Taloola Cafe

Tuesday was the first day of my second semester at school since we had a huge snowstorm the day before. I spent the morning in the city and before heading back, my father and I stopped at Taloola Cafe in Windsor. Taloola’s is one of a few vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes in the county and this so far is one of my favourites. The only other vegan-friendly cafe that I’ve been to is Merlis’ Coffeehouse and Eatery in Kingsville.


The atmosphere of the cafe was just as great as the food. Due to only have my phone with me, I wasn’t able to get great photographs of the place, but hopefully that gives me a great excuse to visit sometime again soon! The tables and chairs were somewhat mistmatched, there were pendant lights hanging from the deep red ceiling and there was a giant National Geographic map on the wall in the dining area. That is just awesome! It also reminded me that I need to find a way to display my own giant world map somewhere in my apartment…


forsandspoonsI had a warm Grilled Tofu Wrap and the Red Bean Soup of the Day. My father had the Veggie Chili Stew of the Day. I didn’t even take a photo of the food to share with you since I ate it way too fast.Adventures are one of my greatest passions and I just love travelling around local places and exploring. There is always more to discover really. I could spend and entire week just walking in and out of stores and shops across the county, simply trying to experience everything there is to find.

Keep celebrating!


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