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I’ve been reading up lately on some vegan articles and remembered that I wanted to share this with you! Through a Facebook group for vegan teens, I was lucky enough to meet Maggie, an aspiring magazine owner. It all started out with a post explaining that she was looking for artists and writers to submit material for a brand new magazine she was creating. Me, loving opportunity and the chance to get my name out and into the world, jumped right in.

I knew that I wanted to write an article; I always enjoy practicing professional and personal writing. I had no idea what to write about though! After weeks of procrastinating and wondering what to write an article about, I came up with my idea just a few days before the deadline. Since the magazine was going to be published just around Christmas time, I did a holiday themed post about purchasing gifts. A summary of my article explains why I chose to spend money on gifts that would create memories between people instead of purchasing simple objects of desire. I just wanted my gifts to be memorable I guess. At least more memorable than the pair of socks that will only have holes again by next year.

Once everything was submitted, I had to send another email with a short biography that I had originally forgotten (oops…) and after waiting anxiously for a little while, MF Collective launched it’s first Winter 2015 edition! So happy! As an author in the zine, I was lucky enough to receive a free digital copy and have been sharing my success as a writer with friends and family ever since. Of course, I personally sent an email to some teachers to thank them for their help and inspiration along my writing journey. It was a big deal for me!

Maggie’s second edition of the magazine will be coming out soon I hope, and I will definitely be supporting her all the way! You can buy a digital version of the magazine here, for only $6.38! It’s full of great content on travelling, health, veganism, and life lessons. There’s also features of original art and gorgy photography. You can connect with MF Collective here:

Keep Celebrating!


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