5 Things That Feed my Soul


I have been so full of.. enthusiasm lately. I just want to get out and do something. Every blog post I’ve looked at or read has inspired me in some way today and I just want to be a part of it. Really. I mean, I am told quite often that I become excited over the smallest things, but when I look back, there are no regrets in those moments. It should be perfectly acceptable in society to jump up and down over a bowl of ice cream, or even lust over a new travel magazine or book.

In this sense, I’ve decided I want to compile a short list of things that truly make me feel good. Things that make me feel good are things that I say “feed my soul”. Whether it’s intellectually, emotionally, or even fashionably. Little things make me smile, and I hope they make you smile sometimes too.

1. A perfect sky.

I have yet to capture my perfect sunset moment on film, but that doesn’t matter as much to me as being able to stand and stare in awe and a lovely sky. Even at night, a moment under the stars in the summer can make me feel so much and so small at the same time. It’s like magic.

2. Gorgeous typography.

Often times, I will spend hours drooling over artwork on Pinterest, especially the typography art.

Tell those people to be nice

3. Quiet walks.

I am not afraid to go outside at any point in time and take a walk. Be it around the block, to the park and back, or across town for coffee. My boyfriend can confirm this as I have dragged him outside in the middle of more than one fall evening. Walks give me freedom in a way. Fresh air and adventure are what I live for, so what better way to have that than go for a walk somewhere? It doesn’t even take a whole lot of effort other than bundling up on cold days.

4. Leisurely mornings.

Waking up early is not always one of my strengths. Some days it takes more than three hits of the snooze button for me to get up. The days I do wake up early enough are usually the best days though. I enjoy taking my time to wake up; a trait that I’ve picked up from my mother. In the summer, as often as I can, I make a cup of coffee and sit outside on the deck and listen to the birds for a good ten minutes. On the days it’s not sunny and bright, just sitting on a couch and reading an article or two from a magazine is just as nice. Even better if I’m sitting next to someone I love.

5. Reading anything and everything.

I like reading. I like learning. If someone hands me any sort of reading material, I usually read it. This varies from a brochure handed out by someone on the street to a six page poem that my English teacher thinks I might enjoy. ThoughtCatalog.com is one of my current favourite places to find things to read since it covers basically every part of life. Reading can be uplifting, inspiring, emotional, thought-provoking, or any other amount of things; the best part is, you get to choose what you want.

What are some things that feed your soul? Let me know in the comments!

Keep Celebrating!

Image credits: http://www.designlovefest.com/2014/08/dress-your-tech-59/https://www.behance.net/ewthomason


3 thoughts on “5 Things That Feed my Soul

  1. Great post! Very uplifting and enthusiastic!

    Hmmm, my 5 soul feeders? Great chai tea lattes, spying all of the cute French bulldogs in Berlin, reading a book that’s so good I can barely put it down, and feminist politicians. 🙂


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