Playlist + Hair Cut


Music has been getting me through a lot of tough moments lately and I have too many favourite playlists to name. One playlists I really enjoy listening to right now is called “The World of Ed Sheeran” on Songza also has apps for both Android, Apple and even Windows phones. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just highly recommend it to everyone I know. It has playlists for everything. Whether you’re into indie, hard rock, pop, or even Hawaiian, there’s a playlist for that. What’s cool about Songza is that it also has a “concierge”, meaning it offers playlist options based on the time of day, various activities you might be doing, or moods you might be feeling. There are also options to search through the playlists by either Activities, Genre, Mood, or Decade, which is tons of fun!

Back to my fave playlist; I’m really into soft music. If there was only one playlist left on earth, this would probably be one of my top choices. It’s mostly made up of soft male voices, one of my weak points. I could fall asleep to this stuff. It also happens to be great for one of those evenings in with just a magazine or a cup of coffee and relaxing. The song A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope used to be one of my favourites and I forgot about it until I heard it on this playlist again. Great music in my opinion. Also featured in the playlist right now are Ed Sheeran (of course), the Plain White T’s, James Morrison, and so many other great voices!

Do you have a favourite playlist? On any site or media? Please share with me in the comments!

winterhaircutIn other news, I got a haircut today by some gorgeous ladies at one of the local hair salons. I say ladies because at one point, two were working on me at once! I must say, if you have never been worked on by more than one hairdresser at a time, it is kind of a unique experience. I mean, I felt really important and special to have both of the hairdressers in the salon blow drying my hair at the same time. It was a mess of hair and hot air, but I was giggling so much I didn’t care how bad I looked for the moment. I haven’t had my hair cut in forever so I was very much overdue. At least it’s perfect timing for my grad photos tomorrow at school. I’ve had layers before, and I love how they frame my face. I’m glad I got the same style again. Yay gorgy hair!

Keep Celebrating!


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