Things I Would Do if I Had More Time


Well, here’s to the things I don’t really have time to do. Some are simple, some are just plain me. It also turns out that there are 13 things in this list to match the day that I’m posting, February 13! Tadaa!

  1. actually make my bed in the morning
  2. sip coffee while starting out a window, no matter the season
  3. take a walk down every road in my town
  4. master my handwriting
  5. paint my nails again
  6. take more naps
  7. read the magazines I have a subscription to
  8. take an entire day to relax at home
  9. reach level 50 in World of Warcraft
  10. clean out my emails
  11. read the news
  12. meditate for a short period of time each day
  13. master a yoga handstand

After writing this list, it feels more like a list of goals for myself. These are things that might make my life easier, more fulfilling, or just more fun in general (I’m looking at you WoW addiction). But these things can’t just be done once, they should be things that I really take the time to do each day or each week at some point. Hm. Well there you have it. A list of things that I would do if I had more time turns into a list of things that I should be doing each day or week at some point. Makes more sense for me to be sharing this as a list of goals in this blog. It’s much more beneficial.

What are some goals you have that you think you need to make time for?

Edit 1: I started crossing things off the list that I now am accomplishing/have accomplished. So glad to spend more time working on my personal goals!

Edit 2: It seems like I’ve been crossing things off pretty easily now, maybe I’ll be able to make a new list soon for the beginning of 2016.

Keep Celebrating!


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