Weekend Adventures

So for Valentine’s Day this year, my boyfriend and I decided to spend the weekend in Windsor, Ontario and just do whatever we felt like. We started with booking the room at Ben’s on AirBnB.ca. The night before we left, I received a gorgeous sterling silver claddagh ring with a turquoise heart in the middle that I have been wearing nonstop since I first put it on.

PicMonkey Collage10994683_10155176167255447_1814955291_n_picmonkeyed

It was unfortunate enough that the initial drive to Windsor was through an absolute white-out snow storm. Once we got there though we spent a few hours at the mall touring around and then took the local bus system further downtown. Dylan even found a whiteboard-like poster in a store that had a marker for leaving your own mark.

coffecollage (1)

I can’t tell you how many coffees I had this weekend.. but it was a lot!

Once we got off the bus and had a quick Timmies stop, we walked down Ottawa Street. We found an antique shop covered ceiling to floor in art, glass items, and lots of hard wood furnishings. Towards the back of the store, I found a gorgeous glass and brass jewelry box that plays music. I even got it for a deal of only $20 total!

After lots of trudging through the snow we decided to head to our AirBnB place, where we got to finally meet Ben! He was really sweet and kind, and his place was very welcoming. As I was taking my outer layer of jeans off to take a nap, my boyfriend noticed that the size on the tag of the jeans were his measurements… he also remembered that he’d been missing a pair of jeans for about a week… Oops! Apparently I steal his jeans as well as his sweaters.

Laughing, we crawled into bed for an afternoon nap together, and got up later to head out to dinner at Thai Lanxang, one of our favourite restaurants in Windsor. They even do great tofu!

10994796_10155176165625447_423063241_n_picmonkeyedI think Sunday morning was one of the brightest winter days I have ever seen, and I don’t mean just the weather. We caught up with my boyfriend’s brother, sister-in-law and their friends for breakfast at Cora’s. There wasn’t much on the menu that was vegan, so we shared a huge platter of fruit! It actually filled me up so much, I was surprised.

Another great part about that morning was a beautiful love story we got to hear about the ancestors of our companions. I’ll keep names private, but one of the friends that came along told us about his grandparents’ fairytale love story. His grandfather had been in Germany when WWII began, and fled to the Amazon in order to escape before Germany, in his belief, took over the world. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed man hid in the rain forest for over ten years. During that time, he met a gorgeous, dark skinned and haired woman. This woman, having never seen a man with blonde hair, believed that his hair was gold and that he was a god. Long story short, they fell in love, and had many, many children.

I was absolutely amazed by this story, and if we hadn’t been in Windsor to meet with my boyfriend’s brother and friends, I likely wouldn’t have heard it. Beautiful though isn’t it? Seeing a man and imagining him as a god; there must have been some true passion between them.

That concludes my super fabulous weekend with the boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. It was an experience I hope to have again in the future!

Keep Celebrating!


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