Empowering Women

86eaca62c949d436f52ae2e6fcc5de3cI’m also stubborn, a little bit crazy, impatient, demanding, ruthless and strong.

Side notes aside, I absolutely love this image. Even though the source is unknown, I wish I could thank the creator for it! In response of recently being accepted to another secondary school I applied for, which is Brescia College at Western University, I am thinking about the true importance of empowering women.

Brescia strongly believes in being “Brescia Bold”. It is an all-women’s school and the culture within is always promoting women to be strong and carry on. I just think that’s amazing and I really hope to be a part of it! Since Brescia is a college that is associated with Western University, I will also be a student of Western. Basically like being a part of two schools at once! I’ll have access to everything Western has to offer while attending the smaller school of Brescia for my classes.

Feminism is something that I like to bring up fairly often. I consider myself a feminist. And if you believe that women deserve just as many rights as men do, then you’re a feminist too. It also goes both ways. Feminism is believing in the equality between men and women. The very fact that feminism seems to be a bad word in society goes to show how much misogyny there still is. People are afraid of identifying with having or sharing equal rights just because of the word.


After Emma Watson’s speech for the UN, I was astonished by the power that she exuded. She talks about the He for She campaign, which is inviting men to stand up as feminists and support gender equality as well as end discrimination and violence against women. Their goal is to have one billion men and boys advocate for gender equality. You can show your support by donating, volunteering, or becoming a member of UNWomen Canada. I’m thinking about becoming a member myself. I’d love to visit one of their events some day.

Truly, I believe in gender equality and I would do anything to promote it in society, maybe even a school campaign… Sounds like a good idea maybe. No women or man should be blamed for rape, given less pay just because of their gender, sexually threatened in public, private, or work, and should all be given the same respect, no matter what. Our bodies are our own and no one should try to tell anyone different. End of the day message: be yourself and be strong!

Image Source: Emma Watson


2 thoughts on “Empowering Women

  1. Yes to feminism! 🙂
    I’m a big feminist myself and really loved your post. It’s wonderful to see other women sticking up for women. Looking forward to your next posts and feel free to stop by my blog any time!

    Liked by 1 person

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