Adventuring Goals

LET'SBEIn a perfect world, I would be travelling as a full time career. There’s nothing I constantly crave more than a trip to somewhere new and exciting, with tons of new places to explore and discover. I have only so far been out of Canada a few times, even though I live right near the border! And those were only for very specific family vacations at that.

If I were to have a dream vacation, I’d probably want to visit Europe. The fact that the countries are small enough to travel through multiple in a day is something magical in my eyes. Cultures can completely change after only a few hours of driving, and I’m sure the people change just as much as the landscape.

To me, this would be a true travelling experience. Meeting new people, finding adventure out of the blue, and eating authentic homemade food just sounds like the best thing in the world. Every step would be fresh and exhilarating. Especially at some of the picturesque destinations that are bound to be discovered.

To anyone who has a dream, find out exactly what you want and decide to make plans for it. I myself, am already saving up for a trip soon to visit London, Ontario, and I know exactly which train tickets to buy and what I’m going to be doing for the day. Planning out a trip makes things more concrete. Dreams become goals that are just waiting to be crossed off. Maybe one day I’ll have my Europe list of things to do waiting for me too.

Before I sign off though, here’s a short list of things on my wanderlust wishlist:

  • swim underneath a waterfall
  • make a new friend who speaks another language
  • do yoga on a mountain
  • fall asleep on a beach
  • bike through an old city
  • spend over two hours at a restaurant, enjoying the meal, the atmosphere and the company
  • watch an entire sunset and sunrise

There’s probably tons more that I can’t think of right now, I’ve just started dazing off into space and thinking about doing all of these things. It makes me feel so peaceful to know how sure I am that I will do these things one day.

Keep Celebrating!


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