How Much of Your Time Do You Really Enjoy?

justbreatheWhat part of your day do you enjoy the most? Is there even time each day that you take time to truly appreciate? After reading a few articles and taking the time to do this myself, I’ve realized that some days I don’t appreciate the time I have at all. And I wonder if it’s the same for others too.

Since our society truly glamorizes the concept of “busy”, it can sometimes be difficult to take the time and enjoy being free. Personally, I’ve been taking a lot more time to be in the moment instead of rushing through everything everyday.

Pauses are important. What would happen if you took a moment right now to close your eyes, and just breathe? Its usually difficult to clear your mind and just relax instead of thinking of what you’re going to do next. I know its still hard for me most days. But when I pause where I am and just take everything in, it really is rewarding.

I’ve been a lot less stressed since I’ve taken on this idea of pausing and being in the moment. I am one to always worry about something or the things I can’t control, but when I think about it, half the time it’s not even worth the stress. So. By pausing and remembering where I am right in the moment, its easier to sink into deep breathing and a calm mind.

With practice, I’m sure you and anyone else can also have this appreciation of time and living in the moment. Now I’m not going to give you some magic formula or promise you a money back guarantee for an online course, but I do have some tips and reminders.

Your time is yours to spend.

Right now I am in between classes enjoying a coffee and writing. I could be doing a million other things, but this was my choice. You, as well, have a choice on what you want to do or think about at any given moment. The only one forcing you to do things at any given time is yourself.


Yes, I know you breathe anyways. But, taking a moment to just think about your breathing is practically halfway to meditating. And since meditating is such a good way to reduce stress, it can’t be that bad right? You don’t have to spend twenty minutes trying to find your zen, even a few seconds works just fine if that’s what you’d like. With time, these few seconds may give you a chance to clear your mind as well. It only gets easier.

Feel gratitude for something.

I am grateful right now to be by myself enjoying my favourite coffee in a warm store. The atmosphere is cozy and comfy. And I’m lucky to have that. What are you grateful for right now?

Do something for yourself.

This gets repeated so many times in articles and self-improvement courses, and I’m here to tell you once again how important it is. You could relax and have a coffee in the morning. Maybe you want to get those tickets. Maybe you just want to read a favourite magazine. Whatever it is, do it! And enjoy doing it because its exactly what you want.

Lately, these have practically been my mantras each day. Without these ideas I know how much more frizzled I’d be all the time. I hope they can help you too to enjoy your time more and really appreciate everything.

Keep celebrating!


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