Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day and I am happy to be sharing with you some gorgeous Instagram profiles that might bring a little happiness to your feed. I don’t really use my own Instagram, but I enjoy following bright, inspiring feeds.

But first, pancakes! I made some fabulous vegan pancakes this morning with the boyfriend topped with my favourite, fruit and real Canadian maple syrup. I can never stand anything less than 100% pure maple syrup and this morning we were fortunate enough to have some in the fridge.


pancakecloseJust try and tell me that isn’t gorgeous. I am so fortunate to be able to enjoy such great food. Truly.

After my breakfast I decided I wanted to share some love for this years International Women’s Day. Here are nine Instagram feeds who are an inspiration to me and fit in with my own personality.

instacollage1. @feminist.ly – This feed is full of pink-toned images and feminist quotes. A great way to remember what you stand for!

2. @hippy_boho_chic – I love the flower crowns, the body jewelry and warm vibes bursting from this feed.

3. @girl_in_wanderlust – Vast beaches, beautiful nature, adventures and road trips… I would make a photo book out of these images if I could.

4. @care.fm – Oftentimes we all need a little encouragement and mini-pep talk. Care.fm offers exactly that. Motivation at it’s finest. You got this!

5. @elle_wills – This lovely lady’s art is absolutely breathtaking. Her realistic pencil drawings that are often photographed surrounded by art tools or flowers (or both) always make me want to start creating something!

6. @youngnhealthy – This vegan food Instagram is more than just food porn; the images are vibrant and usually accompanied by quick descriptions and sometimes even the recipes. Delish!

7. @retroika – This feed features a handsome collection of creatively moody shots often focused on people and antique cameras.

8. @floralandspice – I don’t usually follow fashion feeds of any kind, but I have a feeling I’m going to be wearing a lot more socks than usual this spring and this girl has seriously got it going on!

9. @theartofdreams – Some incredibly realistic portraits of all sorts of celebrities and social media darlings will make you smile. Especially when they’re uniquely mixed with various other characters (Taylor Swift as Alice in Wonderland!).


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