Why I Love Yoga


To me, yoga is the beauty of the human form. It is absolutely beautiful in every way. No matter what you look like or who you are, you can do it and still reap all the amazing benefits.

Yoga can be a celebration of the connection between the body and the soul. No soul is perfect and yet every soul is beautiful in its own way. Once I really take a moment to let go and breathe, I feel more grounded than ever.

I am also no where near great when it comes to yoga. It’s not a religion or scheduled, and I don’t beat myself up if I take a few weeks off from doing it. Yoga is my happy place. And I always intend for it to be that. I will also hopefully never give it up. Yesterday, I fell over while attempting a handstand and sprained my ankle. As soon as I’m all healed, I’ll be back to practicing handstands all over again.


If it were possible, yoga would probably be my spirit animal. I will do yoga on the stage of a gym, on the classroom floor, outside on the grass in the summer, on a beach. It doesn’t matter where I am or who might be watching when I get the urge.

A great thing to me is that no one’s perfect and everyone is at a different stage in their own yoga. I can barely touch my toes to be honest, but I can make a perfect triangle pose. There’s no one I truly need to compare myself to other than myself. Sure I have goals to do a royal pigeon and a scorpion pose, but I will get there in time and only with patience.

My most amazing yoga experiences have been when I am outside in the grass doing a long stretching session. I have had the opportunity to watch the sun set and the bees float around me in the cool summer evenings. Nothing beats the serenity of those moments along with the wind in the trees.

This spring and summer, I hope to be doing yoga tons again. Since I’ll also likely be moving off and away to university, I’m hoping to find a great location to do some yoga on campus or meet some teachers/mentors/yoga friends along the way!

Keep celebrating!

Images: source, source.


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