Staying Positive Over the Break


Photos from my Instagram, @keep_celebrating.

Earlier this week I made the mistake of trying a handstand without a wall to support myself. Being a complete amateur in this balancing act, I fell over and smashed my right foot into the ground, spraining it. This was just in time for my classes to pause for week.

This March Break, I had planned on doing yoga as well as taking my ebike into town and driving around, exploring a few places. Unfortunately, the circumstances with my foot took away those chances at adventure. It’s now Saturday, and I have been focusing this entire week on relaxing and trying to heal.

These are some things that have kept me going along the way are varying and random, but happily welcomed nonetheless.

Working for the magazine. Ever since I was welcomed into the team for MF Collective, I have been looking for new contributors and writing emails in my spare time. It’s probably time I start logging my hours since I’m so often happily working away on this project.

Getting inspired. Since I can’t exactly do yoga for the time being, I’ve spent multiple evenings getting lost in yoga photos and beautiful flows on Instagram. The amazing people that can bend and balance so well are an inspiration to my inner yogi.

Making yummy food. This week, I’ve tried making Tigger Juice (featuring the lovely grapefruit!) as well as these delicious Spiced Carrot Muffins. Breakfast muffins are the best. I’ve also been obsessed with these green onion pancakes that my grocery store sells. Maybe you can find something similar in the Asian section at your local grocer.

Pampering myself. Whenever I get sick or hurt in some way, it’s common for me to slip into laziness and put off taking care of myself. I didn’t take that route this time though. I’ve put effort to keep my place as clean as possible, wearing outfits that make me feel fabulous despite my walking boot, and I even got my nails done for the first time in a long time.

These are little things that keep me feeling positive about myself and my environment. They have kept me out of a negative rut that I refused to give into, and I sure am glad about it.

Keep celebrating!


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