A Favourite Quote of Mine, and Some Deep Feelings


“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.”

I have no idea who wrote this quote or where it originated, but it means a lot to me. Mostly because it was first told to me by a dearly loved teacher I had in Grade 9 during some tough times.

For a long time I’ve wanted to get this quote tattooed on my inner rib cage and maybe I will one day as I already have one tattoo. I’m slightly afraid I will become addicted to them ha! There’s beauty in the chaos of the sea, as well as in a structured vessel.

Now I don’t know how to literally steer any kind of ship, but in some deep metaphorical way, I’m still learning to steer my life in the way I want. That’s what the quote is about right? Being able to get through life’s ups and downs even when it seems like you’re about to sink to the bottom of the ocean.

I’m basically the kind of person going through a raging storm every minute of my life at the moment. My highs are in the clouds and my lows feel like I’m descending to the ocean floor. Don’t worry, I’m not bipolar. My mother had me tested.


But seriously. On an honest note, I am not afraid to have these insane swings. Why just be average when you can enjoy life to the absolute fullest and feel like you’re floating? My only issue is that bad days have the complete opposite effect.

I know a lot of the time people feel as though it’s a bad thing and that there’s something wrong with them. Having strong feelings can result in tests and medication and doctors visits and that’s not really a big help to self esteem. Trust me, I know.

I just want to share that I am this kind of person. To love to the absolute extremes and cry my heart out when someone gets hurt. Maybe there’s something wrong with me because I don’t fit into the “healthy” mind category, but no one’s ever going to be perfect, no matter what I’m being fed or how high the dose it.

Of course, the calm moments are always welcome too. The sea is often closely connected to relaxation, whether it’s being at the beach on vacation or listening to the waves crash on some sound system at the spa. There’s nothing more calm than a quiet, flat seascape flowing and ebbing. That’s also another way that the sea is beautiful. Riding those waves and basking in the calm reflection of the sun are just another metaphor.

That’s basically my deep feelings and inner workings rant. The sea is both chaotic and calm in every way. We all simply have to learn how to just keep swimming.

Keep celebrating!

Also, check out this article about an amazing artist (the picture at the top isn’t a photograph!) who uses her fingers to paint. Her art is beautifully photo realistic.

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