Sweater Weather


It’s sweater weather again. Except in a warm way this time. Today I ate breakfast outside in the almost sun. I swear, there’s no better morning meal than pie and hazelnut coffee.

Every year I get so excited when spring starts to come. I can tell that it’s that time of year when as soon as you step outside everything smells like earth. For some reason, that’s one of my favourite scents once April comes.

It’s always the smell of mud and earth that comes once the snow has finally melted. It’s when colds stop going around and it’s warm enough to start sitting outside in the morning and evenings. When there’s green sprouts from the ground and on tree limbs. When spring cleaning starts and wardrobes begin to shift towards thinner fabrics.

Rain, mud and green buds. That’s the best of spring to me.

My family’s Easter dinner is coming up this weekend as well. I’m hoping to bring my DSLR Canon camera and get some family shots since nearly everyone is going to be together. We’re going to be at my Uncle’s where his house is surrounded by local flora. The place always makes for beautiful classic pictures, whether it’s the plants or the people.

The boyfriend and I took a walk to the nature park nearby too. I even climbed a tree (even though I was only about three feet up)! Taking walks is another great thing about the spring. I don’t have to worry about my toes or fingers freezing in the cold anymore. Once the ground dries out I’ll be doing yoga too. Yay for outdoor exercise!

What’s your favourite spring scent?


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