So I found this new thing from The Great Discontent called The 100-Day Project. I was surfing through the internets when I came across someone’s blog post about how they want to participate in this internet-wide inspirational event.

My first thought, Sign me up!

My second thought, Wait, what is this?

So I read through the page about #The100DayProject and was even more excited to start participating.

The project is basically to do something for 100 days and see how it changes you, hopefully for the better. After all of the 365 projects stormed the internet, I was thinking about starting one of those, but so much happens in one year! I was afraid I couldn’t commit.

100 days sounds a lot more manageable, does it not?

And here I am, making it all official by writing a blog post about it. This is my anchor to keep me from giving up at the last second. I can’t let you guys down.

My #100DayProject

100 days of yoga. With luck. But why yoga?

I’ve always been a fan of yoga. Through the next few months, I have plans for meditating, stretches, and maybe even some more handstands, most of which I’ll be sharing with you!

The opportunity to stick to something for 100 days is a huge deal to me. Often times I only do yoga when I’m “in the mood”, so planning to give myself even a few minutes of yoga everyday I’m hoping will start a really healthy habit for myself.

Whether I’m at school, hanging with the boyfriend, at home or at a friend’s place, I am planning on doing yoga at least once everyday. Maybe in the morning, maybe before bed. Maybe even halfway through the school day and I just have nothing better to do in the middle of the library. We’ll see how that goes.

Other Ideas

The site also mentions fun ideas that span a lot further than just being creative. You could:

  • meet 100 new people
  • write a 100 page book
  • invent 100 dance moves (and name them!)
  • send 100 letters
  • do 100 random acts of kindness
  • donate 100 items
  • find 100 things to be thankful for

Let me know if you plan on joining #The100DayProject too! I’ll be sharing my progress on Instagram as much as possible; I just can’t wait to get started.

Keep celebrating!


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