My Adventures in London, Ontario

After all sorts of university preparation and the millions of forms I’ve filled out and signed, I decided it was time to book a personal tour at Brescia College University! I had already been there once before on a spring open house event last year, but I had a huge list of questions I wanted to ask about my future specifically at Brescia.

So yesterday my mother, aunt, boyfriend and I all packed in an SUV and drove an hour and a half up the 401 to London. Most of the way up I was just listening to podcasts on Stitcher.

The first thing we did was stop at one of those information centers for Tourism London. I am absolutely, eternally thankful for the recommendation he made to go to the local indoor market for breakfast (it was still only about 9:30am).


Look at how majestic those apples are. So very majestic!

For breakfast I had a coffee and some fresh watermelon and cantaloupe. The coffee was caramel biscotti flavoured though. Mmmm.

We continued on to the tour of the Brescia campus after recharging. Our tour guide, fourth year student Caity, was very kind and helpful. It was great because she had already taken many courses that I’m going to be taking while I’m at Brescia.

I think my favourite part of the campus is the mercato, which is Brescia’s cafeteria. The word Mercatto is Italian for market square, which is exactly what the cafeteria is like! There’s a salad bar, soup bar, and other hot and cold food sections in the mercato.

Brescia has Italian and Catholic roots, which is why there are quite a few little Italian tidbits in the community of the campus. It was founded by two nuns after all! The school does have a much more inclusive feeling though to keep up with modern times, with their SpiritualiTEA meetings each week and culture fairs.



This is the original Brescia building, which cost about $100,000 to build in the day with many full marble walls and floors. Today, it would have cost over $6 million to build. It’s rather breathtaking inside. Just like stepping into a movie set.

After the tour and Q&A, we headed off to the White Oaks mall to do a little bit of shopping before we left for the day.

The boyfriend and I had a delicious and impressive pad thai lunch at the food court (with tofu!) and then spent the rest of the hour tea shopping and trying on makeup. That was mostly me to be honest, and he even tried to talk me out of buying more tea to add to my growing collection, ha!

At 3:00pm, we met up with my mom and aunt and jumped back in the SUV to drive home. And that was it for my adventuring in London. Hopefully I’ll be back in the fall though!


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