A Rant About Imperfections


I know a lot of perfectionists. Myself included. I have legitimately spent afternoons organizing places like my desk that just become messy again after 24 hours. I still do it anyway. The point of this post isn’t to discuss my perfectionist attitudes though, it’s about the imperfect ones.

Have you ever taken a photograph and looked at it and loved absolutely everything about it… except that one thing. There is actually a spot on my lens that I need to clean, and every clear sky or clean white surface suddenly has an eternal smudge. The Imperfection.

It just came into my mind that often selfies are taken on an angle, or I tilt my head just a little to the right before I smile and tap. Why could this be? It’s the absolute opposite of a perfect shot. Just a little imperfection to make it perfect.

I guess sometimes it really is the imperfections that create perfection. Everyone always says to appreciate the little things and sometimes moments that aren’t exactly perfect are the ones we need to remember more.

Perfect is a strong word. How many times do writers edit their work and how many artists keep adding paint until something is perfect? It’s different for everyone and everyone has their own perfect. What’s perfect for someone might be a mess to someone else.

In society, there’s the “perfect” model or all of those contests for “Sexiest Person Alive” or “Hottest Fill-in-the-Blank”. Is it really a collective agreement of perfection?

What if there really is no perfection in anything, just a collection of things that work well together like an inspiring gallery wall? How can one person or one thing be everyone’s idea of perfect?

After a long rant and not-very-thought-out post, I’m wondering if I need to go back and fix things, or if it will be someone’s idea of perfect in the end. Why have something so perfect and put together when you can see the creative wheels turning and someone’s mind spilled across the page (or screen).

As my goal for this week, I will be paying more attention to the moments that aren’t the essence perfection as opposed to the ones that are. There, I plan on finding the true colours of beauty.

Keep celebrating!


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