My 100 Days


So far, the 100 day project I’ve taken on has proven more difficult that I thought. I have a feeling it’s a matter of motivation. I love sharing my pictures with everyone on Instagram though and the feedback is always kind. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can start doing more yoga outside.

For anyone who doesn’t know already or hasn’t seen my other post about it, The Great Discontent started a project that everyone can participate in called The 100 Day Project which they also created the tag #The100DayProject for. They started it to inspire people to do something for 100 days and see how they change, whether it’s something creative, adventurous or just new.


The hashtag on Instagram is just breathtaking and beautiful to search. Check it out for some artwork, pressed flowers, motivational phrases, doodles, yoga and more. The hashtag I’m doing is #100DaysofYoga. It’s great!

Keep celebrating!


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