22 Autumn Things

Fall is going to be here momentarily, can you believe it already?! Everyone gets excited about pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweater weather and now that I think of it… I guess I’m just as guilty as everyone else.

These are some of the things that I am definitely looking forward to. A new season means new things to celebrate, new stress, new weather, and these are all of the new things I get to indulge in!

What are you looking forward to this fall?

  1. Pumpkin pie. (Who am I kidding, any kind of pie is good pie!)
  2. Warm woven sweaters.
  3. Plaid blankets.
  4. Hot chocolate. The kind in a cheesy Christmas mug that you’ve already unpacked for this year.
  5. Bright leaves.
  6. Cool breezes.
  7. Beanies and granny hats. 
  8. Slippers/booties. Mine have fluffy pom poms!
  9. Decorating pumpkins! Here’s mine from a few years ago, it was an owl I painted right on it.
  10. Homemade sugar cookies. The official fall treat (or snack)…
  11. Evening campfires.
  12. New TV show seasons! I’m super excited for The 100 to come back to Netflix, I started watching it as soon as it came out.
  13. Pretty wreaths to decorate with.
  14. Cinnamon coffee. Check out this recipe link from Coffee Stylish!
  15. Fresh local fruits and veggies.
  16. Moody makeup. Plum lipstick? Yes please! This is Merlot by Aromi.
  17. Letting my hair down.
  18. Thanksgiving. And then there’s Thanksgiving dinner…
  19. New fashion styles.
  20. Scarves. I may or may not have a huge collection.
  21. Dessert-scented candles.
  22. Fuzzy socks. I feel like a kid inside when I get excited about fuzzy socks, but doesn’t everyone?

Well that concludes my list, let me know if you create your own list and share your link with me! I’d love to see what everyone else’s favourites are.

Enjoy September!


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