Getting Ready for Fall

These months have gone by and a lot has happened. Things are moving forward and in a few days I’ll be off to university all on my own! I feel like school has crept up on me. I’m hanging out with friends and suddenly I have the next four years of my life to pack up and move away with.

My official move-in day is September 6th in the morning. There is so much planned for Orientation Week (or O-Week); including rock climbing and a concert with Lights and Walk Off The Earth. I can’t believe it!

Despite all the exciting parts though, I am also super scared for this new adventure. To achieve things you’ve never had, you’ve got to do things you’ve never done. I feel like this fits things pretty well at the moment.  I’ve got to keep my head straight and be careful not to stress out. I know I’m the type of personal to procrastinate before a big deadline or event, and though I know this shouldn’t, packing up all of my things definitely takes the cake in my procrastinating history.

There’s so much that I’ll be getting ready for soon. I have clubs to join, people meet, jobs to find, art to sell, inspiration to find, yoga to practice, and classes to start! I guess I’ll also be trying to make new friends and network along the way, but I just plan on being true to myself and seeing where that gets me first.


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