Currently… #5

I had no idea that I hadn’t done a currently feature since March, so it’s definitely high time that I share an update! University has started and there’s just so many new and exciting opportunities for me to take with new friends to make along the way. Here’s to the next four years of my life!

Reading… Dark Metropolis by Jaclyn Dolamore

Drinking… lots and lots of coffee for early mornings

Loving… the cool breezy fall weather

Missing… my friends from back at home

Wearing… cozy slippers and knitted blankets

Dreaming… about the weekend (but aren’t we all?)

Writing… guest posts for other bloggers; stay tuned!

Listening (to)… Your Girl by Tourist

Remembering… sleeping in until noon

Thinking… of all the exciting events coming up this week

Debating… which clubs to join for the year

Eating… some amazing vegan pizza from the cafeteria

Playing… with my new fake nails

Attending… all my new university courses

Meeting… new friends all the time!


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