Currently… #6

So it’s been another month and a lot has happened once again. My school schedule has changed, my health has been up and down, and I’ve been learning a lot about myself and what I need at the moment. I’m hoping that soon enough my life will get back on track and I’ll be back to doing all of the wonderful things that I love doing every day!

Reading… Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen for the second time

Watching… Season 2 of American Horror Story

Drinking… decaf Starbucks lattes because caffeine isn’t safe for me anymore

Wearing… my super soft Western sweaters almost every day

Eating… lots of vegan burgers from the Brescia Mercato (basically the caf)

Writing… letters to all my favourite people

Dreaming… of all the people I miss

Missing… having all my friends being there for me

Studying… for my psychology midterm that’s coming up

Thanking… my academic counselor for letting me drop three classes

Giving… myself the care and attention that I need to heal

Colouring… mandalas from Mandala Meditation (adult colouring book are where it’s at!)

Remembering… all the bright leaves that are now falling away


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